5 Special Stadiums That Become the Arena for Euro 2020

5 Special Stadiums That Become the Arena for Euro 2020

Several countries continue to prepare for the 2020 European Cup which will be held in the middle of this year. There are several differences in the 2020 European Cup compared to previous similar events. The difference was for example with the legalization of the use of the Video Assistant Referee judi online uang asli or VAR as an assistant referee, then performances held in almost all European countries, and finally all countries had to follow qualifications to qualify for the next round.

This rule is actually a form of celebrating the anniversary of the blue continent countries in the 60th anniversary of the European Cup at Euro 2020 . Regarding the changing match locations in all European countries, the following is a profile of the stadiums that will be used.

5 Stadiums Euro 2020 Match Arena
Anfield Stadium
The first stadium is the Olimpico which is also the headquarters for two Italian giants, AS Roma and SS Lazio. The stadium has a capacity of around 76,000 spectators. Two big matches have been held at this stadium, for example, the 1996 Champions League final between Juventus vs Ajax, and 2009 between Manchester United vs Barcelona.

Parking Stadium
Furthermore, the stadium that became the venue for the European cup battle is the Parken Stadium which is a special stadium in Denmark. Parken Stadium is located in the city of Copenhagen and is the home ground for the SS Copenhagen. Although it can accommodate 38,000 spectators, this stadium is the smallest compared to other European Cup 2020 stadiums.

Aviva Stadium
Aviva Stadium is located in Dublin, Ireland. The capacity of this stadium is 51,000 spectators. Apart from being the home of the Irish football club, Aviva Stadium is also home to the Irish rugby team.

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium is located in England and is the second largest stadium in Europe after Real Madrid’s Camp Nou . Wembley Stadium is home to the England national team, this magnificent stadium can accommodate 90,000 spectators.

Allianz Arena
The last stadium to host Euro 2020 is the Allianz Arena in Germany. The stadium can accommodate up to 75,000 spectators. Bayerh Munich vs Chelsea in 2012 once fought at this stadium in the Champions League final