How to Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners

How to Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners

With the increasingly strict prohibition of gambling in Indonesia. So it is not surprising that at this time many daftar judi online people are starting to look at online gambling bets. As a means to be able to channel his pleasures and hobbies.

Through this article, we will discuss how to play online soccer gambling . This makes it easier for you to understand the terms contained in it.

Online Football Betting Exchange

When you enter an online soccer gambling site , there will certainly be many different types of soccer bets . Includes clubs that are currently competing and those that will compete later. If you look at the picture above, on every site there are always changing values ​​/ numbers. Or better known as the betting market.

The more often a team is selected, the betting market on that match will always change. Especially if the team he chooses is a big team.

The following will explain some of the terms found in online gambling betting exchanges:

Full Time ( FT )
In full time football matches are also known as full innings. Where the match is considered over after undergoing 2×45 minutes plus 3-4 minutes of extra time / extra time.

If bets are made based on FT. So what will be the reference is the final result of a match for 2×45 plus 3-4 minutes of extra time.

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Half Time ( HT )
In a football match, half time is also called half half / half I. Where the match will be considered over after 1×45 minutes plus 1-2 minutes of extra time.

What will be used as a reference for the type of HT bet is the final result. From round I / half-round for 1×45 minutes plus 2-3 minutes of extra time.

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Also called the kei value or the value of a bet which is usually made with numbers or sometimes using (+) and (-) signs. Which is usually used to determine the winning team of the match.

Example :

Team A who gets voor 0.50 or ball with an Odds value of -1.50 and the total bet is 100,000. – If you choose team A and win, you will receive 100,000 according to the bet amount.
Team B which gives voor 0.50 or ball and Odds value -1.50 with a bet of 100,000,- If you choose team B and lose, you have to pay 150,000,-
How to Play Soccer Gambling

Home ( H )
Which is usually reserved for the home team in a match.

Away ( A )
The name for the visiting team in a match.

Handicaps (HDP)
Usually used for stronger teams that give voor to weaker teams so that the match becomes more balanced.