The Most Profitable Casino Roulette Bet Types

Casino roulette is one of the most played games by online gambling players today. Moreover, novice players who have just started playing online gambling always make this game their first goal to learn and gain profits in gambling. This casino game is very easy to play.

This game is identical to a small ball that is rotated in a circular container that can be rotated. The container will contain numbers starting from the numbers 0 – 36. To bet there is also a board that already contains the numbers that match those in the container.

Now in this discussion,Bandar Ion Casino this time wants to discuss the types of bets in the casino roulette gambling game that you can play. So just keep following it until the end.

Types of online casino roulette gambling bets

In this gambling game you can play so many types of games at once. Some of them you can see below.

  • Straight up or 1 point.
    This type of bet you play for 1 choice of numbers that will come out later. This type of bet has a very large profit opportunity if you guess correctly. But to guess correctly is also hard with a ratio of 1/36. The winning amount itself is 35x the value of your bet
  • Split bet or 2 numbers
    Bet for between 2 numbers that are next to each other. This type of bet allows you to choose 2 numbers at the same time that are next to each other on the betting board. For example numbers 1 and 2, you put in the middle. If later the number 1 or 2 comes out in the game, then you have the right to win one of them. The number of wins you can get is 1:17 of your capital.
  • Street bet or 3 numbers.
    This type of bet allows you to bet 3 numbers at once that are parallel to the betting board. For example 1,2,3 or 4,5,6. Gets a capital of 1:11 multiplication.
  • Cornet bet or 4 numbers.
    If this can be directly 4 numbers for example 1,2,4,5 or 2,3,5,7. This type of bet allows us to often win with a fairly high percentage. But the number of wins was much less with only 1:8.
  • Big and small
    This type of bet is most widely played by casino roulette gambling players. You simply choose one of the options between large or small with the numbers 1-18 being small and 19-36 for big numbers.
  • Red and black
    Just like big and small, namely choosing between red or black. So how to play it is also very easy of course.
    Here are some types of bets in the casino roulette gambling game that is usually played by casino gambling players. Actually there are many other types of bets that you can try to play in this bet. The ones above are just some of the ones we took which were played by people the most.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Betting Guide

In this article, we will provide a guide on how to live casino dragon tiger . Where in the display of the Dragon installation there is an image of a Dragon, and also the installation of a Tiger bearing the Tiger symbol which makes the name of this Dragon / Tiger live casino game in English writing.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Betting Beginner’s Guide

For those of you who have not tried this live casino game. Surely you have heard the name of the Dragon Tiger live casino game. Maybe from your friends who like live casino games. From here we will try to explain some guides on how to play the game.

In this dragon tiger game, each where the dragon has a 50% chance of winning. And tiger also has a 50% high chance of winning. So the bet is very neutral in the choice of dragon or tiger. Because both have a 50% chance to win.

You only need to guess the bet with your feeling which card will be bigger which the dealer gives the card to the dragon or tiger. This one online bet has a very simple betting system or not complicated. Because this game only plays with 1 card which is distributed to the installation of dragon and tiger.

The biggest card counted is (K – J – Q – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2) and the lowest is an ace). According to Bandar Ion Club , this game can be a good reference for all of you lovers of online casino gambling.

Dragon Tiger- Tie . Casino Installation Payment System

There are only 2 types of bets in the Dragon/Tiger game. Where you can guess bets by installing for dragon or tiger. And you can also do Tie installation. For dragon and tiger payments, they both have the same 100% payout.

There is no discount, for example, you install a 100,000 thousand dragon. Then you win, the total amount of capital and winnings becomes 200,000 thousand. Likewise, the installation for the tiger, the payment count is the same as the installation of the dragon. The different payment in installation is Tie.

If you do the installation of Tie then you will be paid 1 × 8. Example If you install a Tie of 100,000 thousand, the win you get is 900,000 already equal to the installation capital.

How To Bet Guide To Tie

The system for performing tie installation means. You make a bet to guess a draw card where the dragon and tiger cards both have the same number value. For example, the dragon gets a K card. Then Tiger also gets a K card, which means that placing bets is considered a tie.

Thus the explanation we can give you about the online dragon tiger casino game. Hopefully reading this article can give you insight and give you confidence to start by looking for a trusted online casino gambling agent to register .

Powerful Slot Gambling Techniques To Win

Slot gambling is a very popular and loved gambling all over the world. This can be proven by yourself with slot machines, which are always more numerous in a casino than other gambling games. Since the late 20th century, slot machines have dominated seventy percent of the casino hall area, leaving only thirty percent of the area for other games in almost all gambling house casinos. And at that time also the development of the internet brought about a big change in gambling and slot game gambling itself with the presence of online casinos and online slot gambling which can now be played by anyone without having to visit a live casino. Only with an internet connection and a laptop gadget, you can enjoy slot games.

There are several reasons why online slot gambling is very popular with everyone

  1. First is the ease of playing slot games, slot gambling can be played by determining bets and pressing the spin button or just play. After that you just wait for the reel in the slot game to spin and stop at a certain combination to get a win
  2. Slot games consist of so many games. Since its development from the beginning until now, it has been recorded that there have been almost two thousand different slot games that can be played
  3. Slot games are very affordable for all people, especially the online games that we discussed. On one of Indonesia’s leading slot sites, this slot game can be played with only one ID for hundreds of slot games and bets start from five hundred rupiah.
  4. Even with small bets, online slot games provide enormous and large wins. In slot games there are so many wins that you can achieve, there are up to fifty variations of wins that you can win and jackpots with a value of hundreds of millions to billions. The record for the highest jackpot ever won by a slot gambler is seventeen million euros which if translated is equivalent to two hundred and fifty five billion rupiah.

The Most Powerful and Effective Online Slot Gambling Techniques

In daily activities of doing something there must be a technique, method or strategy that is effective in doing this, for example, if you want to make a cake, of course there is a patent recipe to follow so that your cake is tastier, or you do anything else. of course there are effective and less effective ways, this also applies to a game or gambling game, there are useful and useful techniques and strategies to follow

  1. The most important and especially in slot games is to choose and use Bandar Sakura Slot88 the best slot gambling agent to use. Why ? The reason is very simple, by using the best and most trusted slot agent site, then you will get fair play or a hundred percent fair game because a quality slot agent already has a license or official permission from the gambling commission. A site licensed for all gambling games has undergone lab tests to prove the games are fair and can be won by everyone, after that every slot gambling activity will receive strict monitoring from the international gambling commission which grants a license to ensure all activities run according to regulations and the spirit of fair play.
  2. Create a gambling budget. This slot gambling fund budget is funds that will not interfere with your personal finances. So if you lose all this money, it doesn’t matter. You can win in slot gambling, of course you can lose too. By setting a gambling budget and sticking to it, you have become a gambler who is responsible for your actions and will not harm those around you in the future.
  3. Set three targets before you start gambling slots. What is the target for victory, what is the target for defeat, how long is the target playing time. When playing if one of the things reaches the target, then finish your slot game. The target of winning is to secure the victory that you have obtained, the target of defeat is to prevent losing from the value you have set, the target time is to prevent you from playing slot gambling for too long so you forget time and forget to rest, besides that if you gamble on slots for too long your body will definitely tired and when the body is tired the mind is also tired which will influence you to make irrational decisions
  4. Online slot gambling games are programmed to use the RNG or Random Number Generator system, so you don’t need to worry about what will come out in the next round because RNG is random and unpredictable, even the game itself doesn’t know what will come out next, the game it only works based on the probabilities given to it. For that you need to look back at the first point where the selection of agent slot gambling is important. Because the licensing site has tested all its slot games to match all the probabilities of its online slot games
  5. Keep your mindset playing slots with thoughts as entertainment, if you strictly follow the one to four technique then you can gamble online slots in your spare time for entertainment and one day you can win the jackpot if your big luck has arrived.

Always losing parlay bets can be overcome in the following way

Indeed, in this parlay soccer betting game, if we win the bet, we will get a win of great value. Where the victory in this Parlay ball bet is calculated from the sum of the odds for each game contained in the Parlay package. After we multiply all the odd values, we will multiply by the value of our bet to calculate the win.

Actually, we can use this little knowledge to win the Parlay bet. We already know that each of these odd values ​​will be judi online terlengkap multiplied by the value of our bet. After we multiply it by the value of our bet, we will find a solution there. If all this time we had hoped to win the Parlay bet with a small capital, it turned out to be difficult for us to win.

So the solution is now we make our Parlay ball bet by playing at a large bet value in the Parlay bet. But we choose the type of bet that we enter in the Parlay, the type of bet that is easy for us to win. This means that we choose the type of bet that has a high chance of winning for us to bet in our Parlay package.

Indeed, in the type of bet with a large chance of winning, of course, the odds value is not too high, we will get it later. but it should not be your benchmark. We only need to calculate the multiplication of the odd values ​​contained in the package. So we can get big multiplication too later. After that, we will increase the value of our bet. That way we can also get a big win from the Parlay bet.

That way we will be able to win in the Parlay bet in the end. After you read our short review, hopefully you will be able to find a solution to overcome your defeat in the Parlay bet later. Hopefully by reading the article entitled Some Solutions to Overcoming the Problem of Losing in Parlay Betting. can provide a new knowledge for you when playing parlay, good luck, hope you always win when playing parlay bets, thank you.

Some Solutions to Overcoming the Problem of Losing in Parlay Betting

Some Solutions To Overcome The Problem Of Losing In Parlay Betting. Online soccer betting, the type of parlay betting game, is indeed very difficult to win. Where we have to win all the matches contained in our parlay package to win it. If there is only one match that will experience defeat, we will be said to have lost.

This is what makes football betting players have difficulty when making this Parlay bet. They always do this Parlay soccer bet randomly so they are difficult to win. They also have known situs parlay bola terbaik that this Parlay bet is difficult to win but still they do it carelessly. They don’t want to do the right thing to win it.

Where every gambling game that we will do, we must do it in the right way so that we can easily win. Meanwhile these players also know this when they make the Parlay bet. But they still made the bet without reducing the difficulty of winning it. All of us will be able to win if we are able to do it well and calculatingly.

This means that we do everything in the right way, the Parlay game, we will find that victory. Although the soccer betting game is difficult to win. But that doesn’t mean we can’t win this parlay bet. Where soccer betting players have been betting their football in this type of parlay bet, they only rely on their luck. They believe that luck can give victory in this Parlay soccer bet.

They are so sure of their luck that they will use it in Parlay soccer betting. So they already assume that the Parlay soccer bet they are doing will be able to benefit them by playing like that. They do this with the hope that once the victory they get in the Parlay bet will be able to cover their losses so far. So they are not too bothered by that way.

Features That Make Online Sportsbooks Greater

Features That Make Online Sportsbooks Greater – All sportsbooks are not created equal. The internet has given us options that were never possible before when it comes to betting on sports online. I will list the items I need to have for an online exercise book. Does your current sportsbook have these features? If not, it might be time to check out a new sportsbook.

Feature One: Security

Everything begins and ends with security. If an online sportsbook isn’t safe, there’s nothing more to talk about. For security, I look at a lot of things. Are these online sportsbooks agen maxbet indonesia licensed and regulated by a government body? I want to make sure there is such a bond that supports sportsbook action. Another key point is Internet security. Do sportsbooks use the latest and greatest security methods? I definitely don’t want to deposit my money only to find all my personal financial info spread on the Internet one week ago.

Feature Two: Deposit Method

Online sportsbooks really should have a lot of deposit options. For me, the most important thing is the choice of 3rd parties, like NETeller. Using a 3rd party deposit service like NETeller or FirePay should be like a second routine for anyone who gambles online. Instead of spreading your important financial info across multiple sites, use a single source to deal with your money. Once you have money on NETeller or FirePay, you can send money back and forth to many online sportsbooks. As far as I know, you can’t do a few different things.

Feature Three: Action

You may be surprised to know this, but not all sportsbooks have the same events for betting. Take horse racing for example. Many sportsbooks do not succeed in this group. Another area where sportsbooks vary is prop betting. If you like prop bets or tomorrow’s bets, it’s best to shop around to buy some sports books. It’s so rare to find a single exercise book that has it all. Generally, you think they have it all until you find another sportsbook with other options. In the past, Vegas sports bettors had to wander around town looking for good deals. Today, you can click through to any number of online exercise books and find the deal you want.

These are three very important features. They are features that I need to have. Online sportsbooks have gone big and small. Winning sports bettors will want to have an account at a number or more to get the best deals and the most action. Before jumping into any online sportsbook, do your research, and make sure the online sportsbook is reputable. Research is made so easy these days because there is a special website set up for this direction.

4 Best Strategies For You When Playing Online Soccer Gambling

To start a new life facing your fortune with online sportsbook gambling, of course, there is a basic strategy that is really understood and followed before you dream of making big profits in life. Nothing will be kept secret from this sports betting strategy, but there is no guarantee that it can be applied as applied professionally because not only theory but experience in the game is also very decisive, accuracy in predictions between Beginners and professionals is certainly not. The same thing.

And here we will try to follow your steps to win online gambling games which of course can help you win money bets at Sportsbook. A person who has joined an online daftar situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya casino but does not follow any of these strategies is often referred to as a “box” and is the type of player that bookies will use every time they play. Next, I talk about the basic strategy for placing bets on online gaming agents, especially for sportsbooks, of course, these are presented for beginners or those who join and become members of one of the football agents.

Here are some tips to be able to win at online sportsbooks
Making your bets on the right sportsbook is probably the easiest sportsbook betting tip. Be careful and careful when betting, think about the best results with minimal losses. Not all sportsbook rules are the same, between one online gaming agent and another there must be differences, although not significant, research carefully before making a decision. Where you place your bet is just as important as who or what team you have.


This is one of the most popular and important sports betting tips. The advice is simple: always bet against the public. Whatever team is published by the public, only bet on other teams. There is a reason why sports betting houses are such a lucrative business, of course there are online betting houses that were pioneers in using betting percentage data from online betting houses for “Betting against the public”.


Using the sports betting percentage data found in Sports Insights is extremely important to help determine the true value of each online betting line. Knowing that the home team is favored by the -7 betting line is one thing to watch out for.


Every professional experienced in online sportsbook betting knows that people love to bet on their favorite team. Use this as a profit opportunity. Most of the players who consider themselves sharp are unseeded players as the buy-back value of betting odds swells due to the massive influx of public money. At this point, an image will appear in your mind, more about tips and tricks to beat online bookmakers, you can re-read some of the articles we published earlier.

Playing Online Boxing Gambling at Sbobet Agent

Playing Boxing Gambling Online at Sbobet Agent – this opportunity will write an article about tips for playing online boxing gambling, of course most people like to play and see boxing or boxing, boxing or boxing games as sports in the ring which are popular and often make bets defending one of the boxers in it.

In order to win the competition in this boxing bet, the steps for placing bets need to be well understood. You can ask more clearly where you play. Because the agent has daftar judi sbobet the obligation to provide information about how to play online boxing gambling so that you become a member so that you can get wins and have fun while playing. Provisions as a basis for playing betssbobet online gambling .


Boxing is on this bet for each pair that is done and then popular diss. so as long as the competition is running, players will be counted as losing or being knocked out by their opponents. Means there is no return of pairs like other games. So that this game becomes a fun game and deserves to be accompanied by those who like to play gambling. With adrenaline increasing because throughout the game, it brings chaos and excitement in it. So it’s only natural that there are flooded with new members who choose this game.

What needs to be done first is that you must first register with an online site that provides online boxing/boxing gambling games. And select that game by ticking it to signal . Then you just make a deposit transfer transaction with a large enough amount. Until when your balance runs out, you can just take an account, you don’t have to leave the game table.


For the steps to place your bet, you just have to select the competition you want to pair with. Try to find competitions whose players are
known so that information about boxers can be searched in detail. It was done to compare the abilities of the two boxers
so it will be found which boxer is strong and which boxer will experience defeat. With this information, players can pair up on stronger boxing bets. See also how the odds are about untrusted bets.

all the rules contained in the boxing game
* when the bell rings it is a sign of the first round then all bets will stand
* The duration of each round is 3 minutes. 90 seconds will be used to confirm the Half Round on the Over and under markets
* on the Head To head betting type, If the game ends in a draw then all bets for both boxers will be counted void and the betting cash will be reversed.

Thus the article that we inform. Hopefully this information will be useful for you and some online gambling players, for those who are interested in playing online boxing gambling to register for an account / ID you can directly go to or you can also register via . information and we provide customer service who will answer your questions 24 hours a day.

The Benefits of Reading Trusted Football Gambling Articles Give Big Benefits

The Benefits of Reading Trusted Football Gambling Articles Give Big Benefits – Now there have been various kinds of online gambling sites and one of them is online soccer gambling which is the best-selling gambling at the moment. In fact, this gambling has succeeded in defeating online poker gambling, where the poker game is a gambling game that has been around for a very long time. With the increasing number of online soccer betting site daftar akun sbobet players over time, there are lots of online soccer gambling agents that issue trusted soccer gambling articles to help novice members or those who are new to playing online soccer gambling at this time, of course this is very helpful. , the more articles that are issued, the more new players will get the latest and best information.
Usefulness of Trusted Football Gambling Articles

By reading so many online gambling articles, you will increasingly be able to strengthen your bets and be able to choose the right team to bet on. Without further ado, please see the section below;

. Getting Accurate Information

One of the best things you can get by reading online soccer gambling articles is to get much more accurate information, the articles provided also have various kinds of information and of course all of them have uses for you later. Even though you see online soccer gambling and think that online soccer gambling is easy to play, this of course is not all true. With online soccer gambling articles, you will get even more precise accuracy.
Indonesian Online Soccer Agent Safe and Trusted Online Gambling Site

. Knowing All Types of Football Betting

In online soccer gambling there will be many types of online soccer bets and of all online soccer bets that give you big profits, you only need a little mod and choose the right team then you can get big profits if you your bet wins

. Can Choose a Quality Site

With the help of online gambling articles circulating today, you can identify the name of the site that provides the best quality for you. Of course a quality site will be much easier to provide benefits for you. So be careful in choosing an online soccer gambling site at this time and don’t let you choose a site that makes you lose yourself later.

Don’t Choose a Trusted Football Gambling Article

One of the things to watch out for when looking for online soccer gambling articles is to look for these articles on trusted online gambling sites. Not only online soccer gambling sites can give you losses, but there will also be a gambling article that provides perfunctory information and there is an online gambling site, but this site will provide a fairly large loss because usually. Moreover, if a new player, then a player like this will be easily trapped by the gambling site.

So don’t make the mistake of choosing an article or a trusted soccer gambling site on the Angpaohoki site, so from this you can be sure you will feel a sizable loss later. If this happens then you have no hope at all to benefit from the site. We strongly advise you to be more careful in choosing online soccer gambling articles that are currently circulating.

Steps to Calculate the Over Under Sbobet Type of Ball Market

Over Under is one of the types of online soccer betting betting markets that most players like. This SBOBET Over Under market is really easy to understand and understand, besides that this market does not need to choose which team will win. Because all you need is the number of goals scored in the match.

Steps to Read the Ball Market Over Under SBOBET
In this game, you need to guess the number of goals is less or more than the market issued by the sbobet site agen sbobet resmi . It can even be said that this type of bet is more profitable than other market types. Therefore, some novice players generally prefer this type of bet compared to other types of bets. Apart from being easy to understand, this game is easy to guess and the payouts won are relatively the same as the handicap market.

So for those of you beginners who are confused about the handicap market, it is recommended to try the Over Under type market because you need to guess the number of goals only. To make it easier to understand, below is an example of how to read Over Under the type of soccer bet to win.

Steps to Calculate SBOBET Over Under Market
How to calculate over under SBOBET wins. As seen in the picture above, the match has an over under limit of 2-2.5 which means 2 1/4 balls. Except for the over-under limit, the odds are 1.11 for over and -1.25 for under.

For example, you choose over with a market of 2-2.5 and of course you have to click the number 1.11 (kei). If you place a bet with a minimum of 100,000 at 1.11 (Over) and the final score is 2 – 1 or 1 – 2 or the number of goals is more than 2 1/4, then you have won. Your win is 100,000 times the odds of 1.11 so the total win you have is 111,000.

If you choose under with a market of 2-2.5, you must click the red number -1.25 (kei). If you place a bet with a minimum of 100,000 on the red number -1.25 (Under) and the final score is 2 – 1 or 1-2 or the number of goals is more than 2 1/4 because of that you will definitely lose.

Your loss is 100,000 multiplied by the odds of -1.25 because it’s 100,000 + kei 25, so a total loss of 125,000 if you succeed in winning you still get 100,000.

Over Under Calculation Formula SBOBET Over Under Market Formula
Guide to calculating the Over Under market for sbobet soccer bets correctly in order to win. The steps for reading pooran online soccer betting bets correctly are as follows:

Voor 0-0.5 or 0.25 or 1/4 Ball
On Voor this has with a natural end result in connection. If the match gets Voor 1/4 (0-0.5) and the score ends with the score: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 and so on (draw).

Voor 0.50 or 0.5 or 1/2 Ball
In this type of Voor, it has several advantages that end with balanced results. In contrast to the previous voor, if the voor which was originally a balanced result experienced a victory or defeat of 1/2, therefore this voor 1/2 if the match ends with a draw score so your bet will win or lose in full (Full).

Voor 0.5-1 or 0.75 or 3/4 Ball
In this type of Voor, there is not only a big advantage from the balanced results of the match, but if you experience a defeat with a difference of 1 goal such as 1 – 0, 2 – 1, 3 – 2 and so on (1goal difference), then you are only guaranteed to lose by 1/2 bet of all bets made.

for 1 bola
In this type of Voor maybe some players have a little more understanding. If in a match with a balanced result, then you successfully win the bet in full (Full). If the decided team loses by a difference of 1 goal such as 1 – 0, 2 – 1, 3 – 2 and so on (1goal difference) then your bet is confirmed to be a draw and will not lose.
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This is the information regarding how to read the Over Under market for the SBOBET Football Betting Type and the formula for winning. Hopefully the article above can add to your understanding in recognizing the Over Under bet for this SBOBET Football Betting Type.

Steps to Calculate Odds Football Betting Types

Odds are the multiplier coefficient numbers for each type of bet in online soccer gambling games. The following odds value is multiplied by the nominal bet you place to get the total win.

Odds are definitely very useful for some players as a measuring tool to know the ability of a team in a match. The game judi uang asli higher the Odds value, the more favorite a team will be. What is important to understand is that the value of the advantage is only an estimate, because no one knows for sure the final result of a match. Even so you can get a break to win the bet.

In soccer betting, the term Odds is identified by the call Kei, and is followed by + and – signs. It’s easier, see the pictures and descriptions below.

Calculating Football Betting Odds and Their Meaning
Odds Handicap
HANDICAP or also known as voor is a type of bet where a team gives voor to another team. The reason for giving voor is because the quality of each team that competes is not balanced.


For Lazio versus Atalanta ( 0 : 0 ) and Lazio voor 1/4 (0 : 1/4 ). For example, betting 100 thousand because of that:
If the score ends in a 1-1 draw, there is no winner.
If the score ends 1-0 for Lazio’s victory, that’s why Lazio won 100 thousand, while Atalanta lost 100 thousand x odds -1.04 = -104 thousand.
Bet Odds 1 x 2

1 x 2 betting is the simplest type of bet where you have to guess the end result of the match whether won by the host (Home), draw (Draw), or won by the guest team (Away).


For Lazio versus Atalanta, the odds are 1.00 and Even -1.11.
If Lazio wins the match, because that’s what puts Lazio winning 100 thousand x odds 2.65 = 265 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 165 thousand.
If the match ends in a draw, then the one who places the draw wins (100 thousand x odds 3.10) = 310 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 210 thousand and places Lazio and Atalanta lose 100 thousand.
If Atalanta wins the match, that’s why Atalanta wins (100 thousand x 2.65 odds) = 265 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 165 thousand. While the one who placed a draw or Lazio therefore lost 100 thousand.
Odds Odd / Even
ODD / EVEN is a simple bet because you need to calculate the number of goals scored in a match. What is an odd or even number.

Example :

If the match ends with a score of 1-0 or an odd number, then the odd number wins 100 thousand. While the one who places even loses (100 thousand x odds -1.11) = -111 thousand.
If the match ends with a score of 0-0, it is called an even number, because that is what places odd loses 100 thousand, while placing even wins 100 thousand.
Odds Over Under
Over Under is a type of online soccer gambling game that counts the number of goals that occur in a match, whether it exceeds the upper / lower limit that was decided. Example:
The Lazio versus Atalanta match has an Over Under 2 1/2 market type.
If the match ends with a score of 2-0, that’s why Over loses (100k x odds -1.13) = -113k. The one who places Under wins (100k x odds 1.02) = 102k.
If the match ends with a score of 1-2 (a total of 3 goals), that’s why the Over wins 100 thousand, while the Under loses 100 thousand.

Correct Skor
Correct Score is the easiest type of soccer bet to play because you need to guess the final score of the match, there are no contradictions. The odds given for Correct Score Betting are quite large considering the difficulty level is quite high.


If you guessed the score 1-2 and won, then your nominal win is 100 thousand x odds 9.04 = 904 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 804 thousand.
If you guess the score 3-4 and correct, then your total win is 100 thousand x odds 150 = 15 million.
Mix Parlay
Mix Parlay is a type of game that combines a minimum of 3 types of bets into 1 Multiple Bet Package. Many bettors like to play this type of bet because it is one of the games that allows the bettor to win up to several hundred million with only a few tens of thousands of capital.

In the Mix Parlay game, the more bets you play, therefore the greater the winning odds value created because the Mix Parlay Odds are calculated from the multiplication of all the betting odds in the package, but the difficulty is that your guesses must match all of them. You can try to calculate easily using the mix parlay ball calculator that we have prepared.

To make it easier for you to calculate your winnings, there are many of the largest soccer gambling sites that provide promotions with the condition that members must place Indonesian Odds soccer betting bets with minimum odds at a certain number. Of course, it will be a little difficult if Indonesian odds, which are interpreted by the dealer, are searched for in Malaysian Odds. Therefore, make sure first that the odds you are playing are Indonesian Odds.

Odds themselves are actually almost completely useless to players. The role or benefit of Odds for players is actually just to know the value of money from one of the teams that will place a bet. For those who are experts and have been playing soccer gambling games for a long time, of course there is no need to bother with some terms or calculations that occur in this game. But what about some new players who are just interested in starting to play. Therefore, know more clearly the various information we provide and start playing with a small nominal first if you are not trained.

How to Win at the Casino Easily and with fun

Imagine if you wanted to, you walked into a casino and you chose to play craps with a friend. The first thing you say to your friend is, “Hey, can you roll the decoration dice with your glass; I think this game is really fun and all that decoration link judi bola resmi makes it feel like a real casino” Your friend looks at you blankly and says, “What? Are you going to gamble with me?” You say, “Of course not, it’s just a game.” And, you come out with $1,000 richer.

Online gambling is the same way. You come in, you play, you lose, you leave, you go online, and suddenly, you’re just sitting there waiting for the dice to come out of the box. When it comes out, you lose, and you become addicted. You keep coming back for more.

When playing online, there is no fun watching your own players lose. It’s just another addition to gambling, a way to add to the excitement and maybe make you a little richer than yourself, if not shared with you as a winning system.

Dice control is what keeps you on the table. The only way the house changes the odds is to lower your bet at the exact moment the house changes the odds. That’s why you want to keep the game the same. Homes never have big edges. The fact is, they pushed the dice all over the table and one, two, three and twelve only rolled three times. Each shooter has a more than one in thirty chance of making a seven or eleven on the first throw.

Try the system. If you don’t like the casino, if the dice don’t hit the wall, if the stickman doesn’t let the shooter roll the dice, the fact of the matter is that you’re the person the casino has really owned all along. transport. The fact is that no one but you and him will win. The casino will not fall apart if you are determined to give it a try. He doesn’t hold the dice for nothing, after all.

Also, the fact is that there are only two ways to win the bet. Either the shooter rolls number by number, or the shooter holds the dice and throws them, or the shooter rolls and holds the dice and throws them. If you want to win in this game, you have to know whether the shooter will hold the dice or roll it. Otherwise, you will lose, and that’s it.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to the shooter’s long-term performance to determine if the dice will stop rolling before seven. But, you want to know about the odds, the possibilities, and the extraordinary possibilities.

Is there a pattern of numbers that come out on the dice? Are there repeating numbers? Is there a rhyme for a sequence of numbers? If there is a pattern then you can bet that the seven will repeat in the number hopper. Just like the stock market, when in doubt, add more money to the pool.

Is there a way to find out the house advantage? People think that if some bets come up a lot, then the next bet will win. It’s all relative to how much you bet, and over how long. There is no strict relationship. However, they know that if you bet a dollar on the Hot Stack, and someone bets $1,000 then the person with the $1,000 sandwich won’t often win.

Relatively speaking, the best odds are for the team to lose the game, and for the toss of a coin between the home and away teams to win. However, there is a longer history of betting. The winning team on average, over time, will lose 5.3 games. The losing team on average, over time, will win 4.67 games.

So, if you are a fan, make sure to bet on a team you know. You are familiar with players, coaches, home courts, visitor home courts, etc. Be sure to bet against tax collectors when they play the home team, and also take advantage of the away team when they play. play against the home team.

Now to the point. This is a very conservative betting outline, but it is the way to go. You can win for a season playing this way. If you don’t have a season before you, you should consider following the blind bet scenario and pointless betting for a season.

The opposite betting strategy can also be applied to the Yankees.

How to Optimize the Bonus Playing Online Soccer Gambling

You also have to optimize the potential of each online soccer gambling site promo offer with the right steps. How to optimize the bonus, first select the type of offer that best suits your playing habits. If you make deposits often, then the deposit bonus is the most appropriate type of bonus for you to optimize.

The second way, you also have to optimize livechat sbobet promos that have great potential such as referrals. This referral commission will be given to a trusted online soccer gambling site without a limit on how many times you can get it. In addition, the referral commission is also valid for life so that as long as your account is still active and can meet the requirements, the commission will continue to flow without stopping.

The next way, also pay attention to the regulations regarding the use of the funds you have received from the bonus. In soccer gambling, there are usually limits regarding the markets you can play with funds from bonuses. In addition, also see if your online soccer gambling site allows funds that have been obtained from the promo to be withdrawn.

It is interesting to see that there are bonus offers in online soccer gambling. For those of you who are able to apply the tips and important aspects above, you will definitely be able to increase your overall playing profit. This attractive bonus with great potential is just one of the excellent features that you will get if you join a quality online soccer site.

Attractive Bonuses Online Soccer Sites That Have Great Potential

There are many interesting things that you will only get on online soccer sites. Not just a practical online soccer gambling service, bonus offers are also the main attraction for players. You can not only get the advantages of online soccer betting when you win bets, with bonuses and promos, players can also increase profits.

Not a few offline soccer gambling players have turned to online methods because of this bonus offer. Bonuses daftar sbobet88 and promos can indeed provide big profits for players without even having to place bets. However, there are several aspects that you should pay attention to if you have a goal of making big profits from bonus offers and online gambling site promos.

Starting from choosing a site, recognizing the type of offer to how to optimize profit through bonuses, you should know everything. If you can optimize these three aspects, we guarantee you can get a much bigger additional benefit. Before discussing further about this, we will convey interesting facts about online soccer gambling.

Gambling games on a football match, are actually commonplace and have been around for a long time. Each player also has different goals when playing gambling. Some are looking for profit and some are just making it a game. Those of you who want to play, must also know first what the goal to be achieved.

Tips to Get Gambling Sites with Attractive Bonuses

Back to discussing bonus offers, every online soccer gambling site and agent has different rules for giving bonuses. You as a player must be careful if you want to get more profit from this one facility. Make sure to choose the best online soccer agent or site to make it easier to get a bigger bonus.

In order to get a more profitable bonus offer, you must be careful in choosing a site first. The first tip, make sure you join a trusted gambling site. Trusted sites do not only provide promises or abundant bonus offers. The bonus will definitely be given once the player has complied with the terms and conditions that apply.

After confirming that there are offers with easy terms and conditions, the next tip is to see what types of promos the site provides. We will also provide recommendations regarding what types of promos you should choose so that your income is more optimal. Another tip that is no less important, see how much nominal or percentage of bonuses there are.

Recommendations for online soccer agent bonuses that you should optimize

After finding an online soccer betting site or agent with the above guide, now you can understand what types of bonuses are. In the world of online soccer betting, the types of bonuses that are available continue to grow. In the past, the types of bonuses offered were not as many as now so players only have limited choices. Check out the attractive bonus recommendations below:

Bonus Login
Simply by logging in to the account continuously for a certain period of time, you can get an additional account balance. This offer is often given by gambling sites when there are events such as Chinese New Year celebrations, New Years and the like. Of course, it is very easy to log in to an account, you can even say you don’t need to leave capital at all.

Bonus Deposit
There are two types of deposit promo offers, namely for new members and old members. Especially for new members, the offers you get can be bigger and even up to 50% but only valid once. As for old members, offers are given continuously so that they are still profitable even though they are not as big as new members.

Bonus Referral
Providing referrals to other people to join the online gambling site that you use, can earn commissions continuously. The condition is, the other person must register by entering your gambling account referral code. Other conditions, the new account must be considered active by making a deposit or placing a bet.

5 Best Chelsea Players of All Time

When it comes to football, there is one popular club or team that cannot be forgotten, namely Chelsea. This football club has also managed to score players who are considered “legends” because of their extraordinary games according to online soccer bookies.

In addition, the Chelsea game agen maxbet terbesar has also become one of the role models for other small teams who want to dominate various big leagues. Likewise with the players, then anyone who is popular as the best Chelsea player of all time. Let’s just discuss the following.

1. John Terry

Who does not know this very popular captain from Chelsea. John Terry is famous for his celebration using a crown like admitting that he is indeed the King of Chelsea Tim. John Terry has won many leagues, such as the Premier League trophy, five FA Cup trophies, three League Cups and two European titles, the Europa League and the Champions League. Terry’s debut in 2001, is considered to have brought the door to success in the world of football.

2. Didier Drogba

Furthermore, Chelsea’s best player of all time came from a reliable striker at Chelsea, namely Didier Drogba. Successfully joining the Blues in 2004, Drogba managed to prove that he did have talent in playing football. The penalty in the 2011/12 Champions League final was the perfect moment to prove Drogba’s beautiful goal kick that made him a Chelsea legend.

3. Petr Cech

The Blues again have a player who is considered a legend and popular, where Petr Cech managed to become the best player in the Premier League. It was clear that this was the first time in 50 years that the 2004/05 season had been achieved. But he again experienced problems in the Chelsea team, so he decided to move to Arsenal. It is evident that Cech has become a mainstay goalkeeper and has never been defeated.

4. Peter Osgood

The player who has always been loved by Chelsea fans and fans is Peter Osgood. As a reliable player in his field, Osgood succeeded in proving that Chelsea was for a decade from 1964 to 1974. He managed to bring Chelsea to win the oldest league in England and proved that Chelsea had made it to the maximum realm. It is for this reason that Osgood is loved and never forgotten.

5. Frank Lampard

Finally, the most legendary and remembered by many Chelsea fans is Lampard. Having recently resigned from the Blues, this all-time legend is truly popular. Proven to bring victory, leagues that have been won include the Premier League, four FA Cups, two League Cups and of course two prestigious European titles, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Euro Cup 2020: Portugal Qualify from the Horns Enter the Group of Hell

Portugal as the defending champion of the European Cup has a lot to be grateful for and can finally breathe a sigh of relief after its fate is really on the line. The reason is none other than Serbia, which continues to overshadow Portugal’s score, which is one point adrift. There was no other way for Ronaldo daftar ibcbet cs except to fight it out in the final match of the final qualifying round against Luxembourg. From the Euro 2020 Livescore , Ukraine was lucky to be able to withstand the Serbia series which made Portugal the runner-up in the group.

Many analysts argue that the match between Serbia and Ukraine went hard and became a turning point for Serbia’s defeat. The reason is, in injury time Serbia won with the result of a 2-1 ball match which Portugal would be eliminated by itself. But unfortunately, it can’t be denied, luck can’t be achieved, it was during injury time that Ukraine managed to break into Predrag Rajkovic’s goal which ended in a 2-2 draw. With these results Portugal pocketed 17 points behind Ukraine with 20 points.

group f euro 2020

Football Result: Portugal Stuck in Group Hell
After having time to breathe a sigh of relief because they managed to qualify in the qualifying round, Portugal is still worried about its position in the hell group. In Group F, Portugal merged with the World Champions France and Germany as a result of the draw which was held in Bucharest City, Romania on December 1, 2019. There is no other way for Ronaldo than to train harder to face the world-class soccer champions. The head coach of the Portuguese national team, Fernando Santos, can only surrender to this reality. He can only hope to beat the famous formidable French and German national teams.

“Group F is made up of three major international champions. This group is very tough with two favorites to win. There is no other way, we have to believe,” said Fernando Santos languidly. This group is the most widely reviewed by experts and observers of world football. The European Cup match will actually be held from 12 June to 12 July 2020 which will take place in 12 cities in 12 European countries with 12 groups competing.

5 Special Stadiums That Become the Arena for Euro 2020

Several countries continue to prepare for the 2020 European Cup which will be held in the middle of this year. There are several differences in the 2020 European Cup compared to previous similar events. The difference was for example with the legalization of the use of the Video Assistant Referee judi online uang asli or VAR as an assistant referee, then performances held in almost all European countries, and finally all countries had to follow qualifications to qualify for the next round.

This rule is actually a form of celebrating the anniversary of the blue continent countries in the 60th anniversary of the European Cup at Euro 2020 . Regarding the changing match locations in all European countries, the following is a profile of the stadiums that will be used.

5 Stadiums Euro 2020 Match Arena
Anfield Stadium
The first stadium is the Olimpico which is also the headquarters for two Italian giants, AS Roma and SS Lazio. The stadium has a capacity of around 76,000 spectators. Two big matches have been held at this stadium, for example, the 1996 Champions League final between Juventus vs Ajax, and 2009 between Manchester United vs Barcelona.

Parking Stadium
Furthermore, the stadium that became the venue for the European cup battle is the Parken Stadium which is a special stadium in Denmark. Parken Stadium is located in the city of Copenhagen and is the home ground for the SS Copenhagen. Although it can accommodate 38,000 spectators, this stadium is the smallest compared to other European Cup 2020 stadiums.

Aviva Stadium
Aviva Stadium is located in Dublin, Ireland. The capacity of this stadium is 51,000 spectators. Apart from being the home of the Irish football club, Aviva Stadium is also home to the Irish rugby team.

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium is located in England and is the second largest stadium in Europe after Real Madrid’s Camp Nou . Wembley Stadium is home to the England national team, this magnificent stadium can accommodate 90,000 spectators.

Allianz Arena
The last stadium to host Euro 2020 is the Allianz Arena in Germany. The stadium can accommodate up to 75,000 spectators. Bayerh Munich vs Chelsea in 2012 once fought at this stadium in the Champions League final

English League Week 29 Football Score Results

The Premier League has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The postponement has been decided based on the results of the meeting and was immediately informed by the Premier League Football Association (FA), Women’s Super League (WSL), and the English Football League (EFL) on Friday (13/3/2022) last week. The Premier League website writes that this postponement follows advice from medical parties which will be carried link alternatif ibcbet out at least until April 2022. The temporary suspension of matches starts from week 30 and 31 after completing the match week 29. The match schedule for week 29 has held 10 matches which took place on 7- March 10, 2022. Many fierce matches have astonished football fans, including Manchester derby supporters. The following is the result of the ball score in the match week 29.

Liverpool Beat AFC Bournemouth at Home and David Moyes’s Team Misfortune
Although the opposing team had already found the home net in the 8:05 minute, the final score was not in favor of AFC Bournemouth. Liverpool, represented by Mohamed Salah, managed to catch up with the score and infiltrate the opposing team’s defense until the score drew 1-1 at 24:02 minutes. In the mid-minutes S. Manè scored and kept Liverpool in first place in the Premier League standings. At that time, the final score closed with 2-1 on Saturday (7/3/2022) at Anfield Stadium.

Euphoria is different when watching Arsenal’s match against West Ham. Although the only goal was scored by Arsenal’s substitute at that time, it still did not show that the Gunners team’s strategy was running effectively. However, David Moyes’s team felt bad luck after trying 14 shots on goal and 6 attempts on goal. The result is the final number won by Arsenal with the result of the ball score 1-0. Next is the match between Crystal Palace and Watford at the same time as Arsenal vs West Ham. Crystal Palace have beaten Watford for the third time in the Premier League. This time the final score was still in favor of Crystal Palace with the number 1-0. While at the Stadium St. Mary’s Stadium, which is the venue for the Southampton vs Newcastle United match, witnessed the host’s 1-0 victory. Another story at the Molineux Stadium, which hosts the Wolverhampton vs. Brighton & Hove Albion match, did not give satisfactory results for the hosts with the final result 0-0.

The Toffees are pressured, Solskjaer gets the same record as Ferguson
The match the next day was no less tense. The reason is, there is Burnley vs Tottenham on Sunday (8/3/2022). Burnley almost beat Tottenham Spurs through Chris Wood’s goal in the 18th minute. But Tottenham followed in the second half so the final score became a 1-1 draw. Aired at 21.00 WIB, the Chelsea vs Everton team demonstrated the defensive power of each team. However, the Toffees’ mentality was further pressed by the opponent with an early goal in the 14th minute by Mason Mount. Until Everton had to end the match with a 4-0 defeat.

The next match takes place at 23.30 WIB with the result the ball scoring 2-0 in the Manchester Derby match. This derby match managed to make Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer match the record of the legendary manager of the Red Devils, Sir Alex Ferguson. On the following day, Tuesday (10/3/2022) became the last match before being postponed indefinitely. The match that day was Leicester City vs Aston Villa, which made it 4-0. Leicester City’s victory at that time marked the end of a fast for Brendan Rodgers’ side after suffering defeats in their last four Premier League matches.

How to Register for Online Soccer Gambling

After understanding the terms contained in online soccer gambling as explained above. Here are the steps to create an online soccer betting account.

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Make sure in advance which soccer gambling site will be used as a place to bet. It can be through recommendations from friends or a collection of trusted soccer gambling sites situs judi bola terbesar that can already be found through blogs. Like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and so on.
Look for the REGISTER or REGISTER feature on the website which is usually located at the top of the soccer gambling website .
Before starting to fill out the registration form, it would be nice if you first read the contents of the form. If everything is in order. Please fill in the registration form that has been prepared by the online gambling site with valid and still active data.

After everything is filled in correctly, please click OK and don’t forget to check first. In the small box above the OK button. If it appears on the screen of the cellphone or computer, the description fails, try to fill out the form again. This sometimes happens because when filling out the form it takes too long or there is incorrect/not filled out data correctly. Such as phone numbers, account numbers or emails which are usually not allowed to use spaces when filling out the email.
If the registration form has been filled out completely and correctly, try to check again. If everything is correct please click OK and wait a while. To get confirmation that the account is successful and ready to use.
How to Play Soccer Gambling

How to Choose a Trusted Online Soccer Gambling Site
As a means to start playing online betting, of course, it will be a very important factor in choosing the best and most trusted sites. As :

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Look for a soccer gambling agent who has been in the business for a long time. That way the experience in providing services to its members is certainly guaranteed.
Has a security system that is always updated to provide comfort to its members from minor disturbances while playing. Like server downtime and so on.
Make sure the soccer gambling bookie has joined with a large company that issued an official soccer gambling site license . In this way the privacy of members’ data will be more secure.
How to Play Soccer Gambling

Offers a complete variety of games in one place or site. So that it can make members not feel bored with only 1 type of game.
Dare to give / offer attractive bonus promos to its members. That way members will be more interested and of course the capital that will be issued when playing is not so big anymore.
How to Play Soccer Gambling

Already have a 24-hour livechat feature or other applications. Like whatsapp, bbm and line. With the availability of friendly customer service and fast response. Of course, it will make members more comfortable when playing on the best and most trusted soccer gambling site .
Provide convenience for members when transacting which includes Deposits and Withdraws. That way members will feel more comfortable when playing.
How to Play Soccer Gambling

Thus the explanation of how to play online soccer gambling for beginners that I can convey. Hopefully the above article can help add insight into online soccer gambling . Thank you for taking the time to read and see you in the next articles.

Tips for Online Soccer Gambling to Win BIG

Some of the ways or tips that are often overlooked by players / bettors when they want to start betting. As :

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Determine in advance the capital that will be used wap sbobet mobile to bet. The more capital spent, the greater the winnings that will be obtained.

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Determine in advance the target you want to achieve before betting. With a target, it allows you to be more careful in playing in order to fulfill / achieve it. If the target has been achieved, try to stop for a moment while learning which team will compete later.

If you are not so sure about the choice of the team that will compete, there is nothing wrong if you dare to bet with a small nominal. If you win, of course, the capital to play in the next party will increase as well.

Before betting, try to find out in advance about the strength of the two teams that will compete. Such as the meeting record between the two teams, the star players to be played, the rankings of the two teams, the previous matches of the two teams. By knowing the character of the strengths of the two teams, it will certainly be more likely to choose. Which team will be the winner of the match.

How to Play Soccer Gambling

Street Ball
Even more interesting if you bet while watching the game. If the previously predicted team has more control over the game, try to increase the number of bets again because with these conditions, of course, victory will definitely be won.

Online Soccer Gambling Tricks to Win
Of course, you need special tricks to succeed in getting big profits when playing online soccer gambling . The following will explain about this.

Last shot
Although classified as dangerous and has a very large number of losses, tricks like this are more likely to win. That is, starting to bet at the last minute before the betting market closes which is usually around the 80s. With a percentage of 80% – 90% it is certain that victory will be achieved.

Double bet
If the position of the supported team is behind the goal first. Try doubling the amount bet on that team again. Especially if the competing teams are 2 big teams. Of course, the team that is behind will try to create a goal back to equalize.

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