Steps to Calculate Odds Football Betting Types

Steps to Calculate Odds Football Betting Types

Odds are the multiplier coefficient numbers for each type of bet in online soccer gambling games. The following odds value is multiplied by the nominal bet you place to get the total win.

Odds are definitely very useful for some players as a measuring tool to know the ability of a team in a match. The game judi uang asli higher the Odds value, the more favorite a team will be. What is important to understand is that the value of the advantage is only an estimate, because no one knows for sure the final result of a match. Even so you can get a break to win the bet.

In soccer betting, the term Odds is identified by the call Kei, and is followed by + and – signs. It’s easier, see the pictures and descriptions below.

Calculating Football Betting Odds and Their Meaning
Odds Handicap
HANDICAP or also known as voor is a type of bet where a team gives voor to another team. The reason for giving voor is because the quality of each team that competes is not balanced.


For Lazio versus Atalanta ( 0 : 0 ) and Lazio voor 1/4 (0 : 1/4 ). For example, betting 100 thousand because of that:
If the score ends in a 1-1 draw, there is no winner.
If the score ends 1-0 for Lazio’s victory, that’s why Lazio won 100 thousand, while Atalanta lost 100 thousand x odds -1.04 = -104 thousand.
Bet Odds 1 x 2

1 x 2 betting is the simplest type of bet where you have to guess the end result of the match whether won by the host (Home), draw (Draw), or won by the guest team (Away).


For Lazio versus Atalanta, the odds are 1.00 and Even -1.11.
If Lazio wins the match, because that’s what puts Lazio winning 100 thousand x odds 2.65 = 265 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 165 thousand.
If the match ends in a draw, then the one who places the draw wins (100 thousand x odds 3.10) = 310 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 210 thousand and places Lazio and Atalanta lose 100 thousand.
If Atalanta wins the match, that’s why Atalanta wins (100 thousand x 2.65 odds) = 265 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 165 thousand. While the one who placed a draw or Lazio therefore lost 100 thousand.
Odds Odd / Even
ODD / EVEN is a simple bet because you need to calculate the number of goals scored in a match. What is an odd or even number.

Example :

If the match ends with a score of 1-0 or an odd number, then the odd number wins 100 thousand. While the one who places even loses (100 thousand x odds -1.11) = -111 thousand.
If the match ends with a score of 0-0, it is called an even number, because that is what places odd loses 100 thousand, while placing even wins 100 thousand.
Odds Over Under
Over Under is a type of online soccer gambling game that counts the number of goals that occur in a match, whether it exceeds the upper / lower limit that was decided. Example:
The Lazio versus Atalanta match has an Over Under 2 1/2 market type.
If the match ends with a score of 2-0, that’s why Over loses (100k x odds -1.13) = -113k. The one who places Under wins (100k x odds 1.02) = 102k.
If the match ends with a score of 1-2 (a total of 3 goals), that’s why the Over wins 100 thousand, while the Under loses 100 thousand.

Correct Skor
Correct Score is the easiest type of soccer bet to play because you need to guess the final score of the match, there are no contradictions. The odds given for Correct Score Betting are quite large considering the difficulty level is quite high.


If you guessed the score 1-2 and won, then your nominal win is 100 thousand x odds 9.04 = 904 thousand – 100 thousand capital = 804 thousand.
If you guess the score 3-4 and correct, then your total win is 100 thousand x odds 150 = 15 million.
Mix Parlay
Mix Parlay is a type of game that combines a minimum of 3 types of bets into 1 Multiple Bet Package. Many bettors like to play this type of bet because it is one of the games that allows the bettor to win up to several hundred million with only a few tens of thousands of capital.

In the Mix Parlay game, the more bets you play, therefore the greater the winning odds value created because the Mix Parlay Odds are calculated from the multiplication of all the betting odds in the package, but the difficulty is that your guesses must match all of them. You can try to calculate easily using the mix parlay ball calculator that we have prepared.

To make it easier for you to calculate your winnings, there are many of the largest soccer gambling sites that provide promotions with the condition that members must place Indonesian Odds soccer betting bets with minimum odds at a certain number. Of course, it will be a little difficult if Indonesian odds, which are interpreted by the dealer, are searched for in Malaysian Odds. Therefore, make sure first that the odds you are playing are Indonesian Odds.

Odds themselves are actually almost completely useless to players. The role or benefit of Odds for players is actually just to know the value of money from one of the teams that will place a bet. For those who are experts and have been playing soccer gambling games for a long time, of course there is no need to bother with some terms or calculations that occur in this game. But what about some new players who are just interested in starting to play. Therefore, know more clearly the various information we provide and start playing with a small nominal first if you are not trained.