The Most Profitable Casino Roulette Bet Types

Casino roulette is one of the most played games by online gambling players today. Moreover, novice players who have just started playing online gambling always make this game their first goal to learn and gain profits in gambling. This casino game is very easy to play.

This game is identical to a small ball that is rotated in a circular container that can be rotated. The container will contain numbers starting from the numbers 0 – 36. To bet there is also a board that already contains the numbers that match those in the container.

Now in this discussion,Bandar Ion Casino this time wants to discuss the types of bets in the casino roulette gambling game that you can play. So just keep following it until the end.

Types of online casino roulette gambling bets

In this gambling game you can play so many types of games at once. Some of them you can see below.

  • Straight up or 1 point.
    This type of bet you play for 1 choice of numbers that will come out later. This type of bet has a very large profit opportunity if you guess correctly. But to guess correctly is also hard with a ratio of 1/36. The winning amount itself is 35x the value of your bet
  • Split bet or 2 numbers
    Bet for between 2 numbers that are next to each other. This type of bet allows you to choose 2 numbers at the same time that are next to each other on the betting board. For example numbers 1 and 2, you put in the middle. If later the number 1 or 2 comes out in the game, then you have the right to win one of them. The number of wins you can get is 1:17 of your capital.
  • Street bet or 3 numbers.
    This type of bet allows you to bet 3 numbers at once that are parallel to the betting board. For example 1,2,3 or 4,5,6. Gets a capital of 1:11 multiplication.
  • Cornet bet or 4 numbers.
    If this can be directly 4 numbers for example 1,2,4,5 or 2,3,5,7. This type of bet allows us to often win with a fairly high percentage. But the number of wins was much less with only 1:8.
  • Big and small
    This type of bet is most widely played by casino roulette gambling players. You simply choose one of the options between large or small with the numbers 1-18 being small and 19-36 for big numbers.
  • Red and black
    Just like big and small, namely choosing between red or black. So how to play it is also very easy of course.
    Here are some types of bets in the casino roulette gambling game that is usually played by casino gambling players. Actually there are many other types of bets that you can try to play in this bet. The ones above are just some of the ones we took which were played by people the most.